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We offer a tandem jump service where the student is hooked up to the Tandem Instructor by means of a harness that is connected at four points. The Tandem instructor has control, but the student can also steer and help land the parachute. The Tandem skydive can either be part of a student progression or just a recreational jump for those people who just want to make a skydive but not go through a student program.

We also offer Demonstration Jumps. (make sure to check us out when we jump into The Indianapolis Colts home games)

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  1. Hi I am planning to do a jump in the end of October. How late in the year are you usually open?

    • GeorgeC on said:

      We ususally close the season about the 3rd weekend in October because it starts to cool off so much. We want our customers to enjoy their jump!! : )

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